Bratang Flora Park, Surabaya’s Pollution Shield

Deers in Flora Park, BratangWhen we walk along the side of this 2.5 hectares park, nothing is special. Thing that’s eye-catching for me was only the tall trees view, such view that will connect us to something chilly and peace, even the park is in the middle of city’s traffic (and pollution!). The Flora Park or Kebun Bibit Bratang is more than we thought at first glance.

Located at Manyar Street, Surabaya, the park is so wonderfully managed. It’s neat but leafy. According to Yudi Hardianto, UPTD (technical service unit) Flora Park Surabaya’s official, we can meet hundreds of plant in this garden. Some of them are rare, like Bisbull.

The park opens from 7 to 18 o’clock. Mostly, everyday it is crowded by Surabaya citizens alone. About 300 people continue in and out the park. When the week-end comes, the visitors even could reach 500 per day, from wider range of cities.

I tell you what I like from Bratang Flora Park. Go to the north side, there is a wide corral where 13 Bawean deer (Axis kuhli) live. You can look and touch them, especially when they get close to you. But don’t feed them, because any food can make them sick, or worst: die.

Not far from the deer corral, you will see a big bird cage, with many kinds of bird inside.

A lot of students used to do outbond here. The do some games, including flying fox. Walk further to the park’s center, you will meet the 15 meters high of water gush. At each sides, there are sitting and reading place (a mini library).

“On the whole, the visitors here are young people and family in small number,” Yudi told me. “If you want to come collectively, to held an outbond for instance, please tell the UPTD Garden first at Menur Street. Don’t worry, it’s free.”

Walk through the south side of the park, we will see the leafy tall trees and several play ground for children. That’s why this location is suitable with family concept. Have fun with your children. Sometimes, they held live music here.

What about the security? Yudi proudly said that so far, there is no report of any criminal act.

How does it all cost for visitor? Well, this is what I like about parks in Surabaya. You don’t have to pay to access its developed park. Enjoy! [photo by Iksan]

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