Believe: A Self Note to 2013

Conceive, believe and achieveI start to see the importance of declare the resolution publicly. In 2012, I reached six of nine resolution’s points. That means I scored 67%, please don’t ask me the math 🙂 Briefly, it’s not good. But not bad either. I failed something, but then I achieved something else, which was very unexpectedly. What a life. What a great 2012!

Well, this post is a self note about my resolution this year. In 2013, I conceive the resolution’s points fewer. But harder.

  1. Publish two thriller novels via traditional publisher(s). Rahasia Sunyi is not in, because it’s planned to be published in the end of December 2012, so it’s actually part of my 2012 fulfillment. What I say two novels here are really two novels that I’m writing new.
  2. Improve my webs. Beside this blog, I have five others, including blogs within subdomains. By the end of 2013, their Alexa Rank must be cut at least 30% of the current ranks today. And their PageRanks must be ameliorated too.
  3. Get more clients for Warung Fiksi’s services quantitatively. To make the comparison easier, here, I want to express my salute and gratitude for dear clients in 2012: Balance Pillar (articles), ASUS Indonesia (online campaign), Asia4Life (website texts), Mechanimotion Entertainment (novels & animated series scenario), STAI Al Fithrah (websites texts & setting), Affebar (sales letter), Widya Utomo Tours & Travel (proposals), and few other respected clients I cannot mention because we’re in disguised, ghostwriting projects.
  4. Run one, just one, small and healthy business that has nothing to do with the writing. But of course I will use my writing skill for the promotion and marketing.
  5. Work out thrice a week, at least half an hour each, for the sake of my body and soul.

If I could have 67% of achievement in 2012, then I must reach higher in 2013. Publicly, I challenge myself to reach 100% of completion. And myself says, “Done deal!” All I need to do are to believe and work hard. [illustration from]

4 Replies to “Believe: A Self Note to 2013”

  1. Rizal Yahya

    BTW: Bagaimana caranya supaya bisa menulis lebih efektif, apalagi jika ada kesibukan lain (misalnya saya, sebagai karyawan kantoran). Apakah anda juga pegawai kantoran atau bagaimana?

    Sip sipp.

  2. Brahm

    Dear Rizal Yahya,

    Utk menulis lebih efektif di tengah2 kerja kantoran (kamu pegawai kan?), ya kamu harus hobi nulis dulu. Kalau sudah hobi, kamu pasti terus mencari cara untuk menyempatkan menulis. Sebaliknya, bagaimana bisa seseorang efektif nulis kalau hobi utamanya, misalnya, Photoshop dan game? Di waktu luang/liburnya, alih2 menulis, orang2 seperti ini malah akan sibuk main game atau iseng mengedit foto2 temannya 😀


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