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Crafty Days

When you are in Bandung city, don’t hesitate to knock on Tobucil and Klabs’ door. Physically, it is a mini-bookstore. But it also sells the handmade creations like accessories, knitting yarn, tools for knitting or crocheting, block notes, etc. There’s a lot of cultural activities too. Just drop by! Tobucil wants the visitor feels like home. It doesn’t require certain appearance, race, religion, region, economic status, education. You only need to be creative and open-minded.

Although the name is Tobucil (acronym of “toko buku kecil” or mini bookstore), it is not that mini. Tobucil is just like John Mayer said: bigger than my body! Yeah, Tobucil is bigger than its body.

Located at 56th Aceh Street, Tobucil was founded in May 2nd, 2001 to develop the local literacy: reading, writing, appreciating literatures, and doing hobby. There, you also can do your own projects. Even just sitting and enjoying the Aroma Coffee, a very popular coffee in Bandung.

Of course, Tobucil has certain schedule itself. For instance, on Monday, there’s experiment writing club. Wednesday, there is Madrasah Falsafah (a philosophy course). Thursday in 2nd and 4th week are for comic club. Friday is for creative writing club day for children. Saturday is for knitting and crocheting club, and cinema club. Sunday, it’s a classic club.

Last week, there was Crafty Days. This is one of Tobucil’s annually events. The theme of the year is Toys Are Us. Anyone can sell their creation, buy, or merely follow the free workshop like I do. I participated in three workshops there.

First, pompom workshop. Pompom is a kind of doll made by yarn. The first pompom I saw is Mogu. It is formed as animal with many hands and one or two strange form of his eye. It’s like an octopus. If you want to make it, you can use pompom set or paper. Then, you cut the yarn in the middle and bend it.

Before following this workshop, I had learnt crochet. It did not work because I am so impatient. The result is messy and I didn’t know what I was going to make with hakpen (a tool to crochet). After that, I followed origami workshop. It’s easy like making pompom.

Beside following the free courses, I have also visited every bazaar stands. It’s about six or more stands. Brief, I was so surprised there’s a joy at small yard of Tobucil and Klabs.

Unfortunately, I could not attend the program until the end. It was 14.30 and I had to catch 15.30 train. So bye-bye, Tobucil. Bye-bye, Crafty Days. Hope I can participate in next Crafty Days. I don’t know when. But all the information will be displayed on Tobucil’s blogs, here and here.

Then, it was raining. I wondered, could this rain stop the happiness and creativity at Tobucil? Nah, I believe whoever joined Tobucil and Klabs is smart, creative, and cheerful. They can change the rain into rainbow. [photo by Andri Haryanto,]

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About Rie Yanti

Has a bachelor degree from Padjadjaran University in French Literature Studies. She has been writing since her childhood and has produced both short stories and poetry. Rie loves writing about animals and small things that happen in her life. She has published three books, Satin Merah (GagasMedia 2010), Bukan Manusia (Lulu 2011), game Precious Time (Nusa Project 2017), et cetera.

10 Replies to “Be Creative with Tobucil and Klabs”

  1. hamlennon

    Lucunya waktu saya ke Bandung trus nanya ama anak2 kampus mereka pada ga tau tuh. Padahal via internet banyak banget yang bahas. Selain mau cari buku, saya juga penasaran ama muda-mudi bandung dalam mengolah komunitas mereka. Pasti bakal seru klo diceritain buat kawan-kawan di jogja. Tapi, ternyata pada ga tau… hik..hik..hik

  2. rie

    Macem2. ada klab merajut, merenda, nulis, musik klasik, komik, banyak deh. siapa aja boleh ikut. coba deh buka blog-nya.

    sodaranya john lennon ya?
    Wah, masa sih pada nggak tau tobucil? tp emang, temen2ku jg banyak yg nggak tau. biasanya sih yg kayak gitu yg nggak gaul hehehe. nanti kalo ke bandung lg, cari aja di jalan aceh. tobucil emang mungil, tp pasti nanti ketemu kok.
    .-= rie´s last blog ..Wuflite 4 is Published =-.


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