Seafood a la Madura in Between Mountain and Shore

Madurasa is located deeper in the forest, but its easy to find

Madurasa is located deeper in the forest, but its easy to find

About one kilometer to the west from Bangkalan city, East Java province, a food stall stands on the edge of the shore. It is Madurasa. This stall is located near the mangrove forest spread out along the west side of Madura island. Following the instinct to eat, I visited here. Soon, the ambiance of mountain range and shore welcomed me. Continue Reading →

Bratang Flora Park, Surabaya’s Pollution Shield

Deers in Flora Park, BratangWhen we walk along the side of this 2.5 hectares park, nothing is special. Thing that’s eye-catching for me was only the tall trees view, such view that will connect us to something chilly and peace, even the park is in the middle of city’s traffic (and pollution!). The Flora Park or Kebun Bibit Bratang is more than we thought at first glance. Continue Reading →

Artificial Lake, Leisure Center in Bangkalan

If you, by any chance, go to Madura, visit TRK or Taman Rekreasi Kota (City Recreation Park) Bangkalan. The location is in center of the regency, one hundred meters to the east of Raya Stadion Bangkalan street. Had been built since 1999, the TRK Bangkalan was an idle state land. At the moment, Mr. Head Regency Officer had initiative to create a pleasing place for his folk. Continue Reading →

The Tenderness of Young Goat’s Meat

A serve of sate Barongan

At Sepanjang street, Sidoarjo, you may possibly bump into this view: a pushcart display of a goat meat. The goat is about still intact, fresh, and small (that means it is still young). Sweet-scented smoke that signifies a grill emerges. You’re quite monk if you don’t drool in seconds. Warung Sate Barongan Pak Uniq (Mr. Uniq’s Barongan Brochettes Stall), that’s the name of this stand, open from noon until night. Continue Reading →

Bodri Area: For Vintage Collectors

Bodri area

Are you? If the answer is yes, well, you should go to Bodri Street, Surabaya. It is located at west side of Gelora Pancasila building, near to Indragiri Street. There are about eight vendors who offers what you might interest: Elmina chandelier from Dutch colonialism era (during World War II), vintage irons from wooden charcoal, coffee grinder, outmoded telephone, trumpet, old radio of 1930s, wall clocks, urns, ancient coins, daggers, and other antiques. Continue Reading →