Artificial Lake, Leisure Center in Bangkalan

If you, by any chance, go to Madura, visit TRK or Taman Rekreasi Kota (City Recreation Park) Bangkalan. The location is in center of the regency, one hundred meters to the east of Raya Stadion Bangkalan street. Had been built since 1999, the TRK Bangkalan was an idle state land. At the moment, Mr. Head Regency Officer had initiative to create a pleasing place for his folk.

The recreation park in the beginning was visited mostly by children. But then the organizer found it rather boring. So and so, in few years, they developed the lake that is located in East Java province. Done. For attracting people to come, the organizer put also some pedal and row boats to everyone, as a vehicle to go around the lake. The pedal boat itself then becomes a primadonna there. Me myself, I was really taking pleasure when floating on this artificial lake by one of them.

Alongside the lake, we see a wide fishing pool. Several booths for fishermen exotically stand on the lake. The water is clear and so calm. Look into the deep water, I bet you’ll stop thinking about weariness for a while.

We just need to pay 5,000 IDR for floating around the lake with a pedal boat in 20 minutes. One boat can contain two adults. Pedal it up. And go everywhere on this hectares-wide lake with your beloved. Unfortunately, we could only operate four of 10 pedal boats available. The raw boat instead was only one. About this, the operator there just responded, “Well, we’ve been waiting for the trickling fund.”

Surely, “This is disappointed for the visitors,” grumbled Rofi’i who came to TRK Bangkalan just after visited the resting place of KH. M. Kholil (a hero of Madura), about 650 meters in Bangkalan’s west side. Even though, this Burneh citizen was happy to come.

After from TRK, we may drop by in Kek Lesap stall that located on KH. M. Kholil street. The stall serve various Maduranese culinary. Or, if you ask the alternative, go to Warung Biru. This stall is in south side of Great Mosque Bangkalan. All delicious. [photos by Iksan]



TRK Bangkalan terletak di pusat kota, seratus meter ke arah timur dari Jl. Raya Stadion Bangkalan. Dibangun sejak 1999, tempat rekreasi ini mulanya adalah tanah negara yang menganggur. TRK Bangkalan lalu dilengkapi danau buatan seluas hektaran. Pihak pengelola TRK pun menyediakan perahu pedal dan sekoci sebagai sarana transportasi asyik bagi pengunjung untuk berkeliling danau. Hanya dengan Rp 5.000, Anda bebas mengitari danau buatan itu selama 20 menit dengan perahu yang berkapasitas dua orang dewasa ini. Kegiatan lain? Lihatlah, beberapa pondok tempat pemancingan berdiri eksotik di atas danau. Memancing bisa jadi ide bagus! Air Danau TRK Bangkalan sendiri lumayan jernih meneduhkan hati. Sejenak berdiam di sana, Anda akan melupakan kepenatan kota.

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