8 Steps to Get Paid as 2camels Travel Writer

2camels websiteOur writers are a mixed bunch of professionals and amateurs who share a common love for the travel or festival writing genre. Our contributors include award winning authors, guide book writers, features writers and first time authors. We’re after articles that capture an event. We want our readers to experience a festival as if they were right there beside you. We want to feel the noise, smell the jerk chicken and gawp slack-jawed as a three meters phallus is paraded down the main drag.

Whether it be Oktoberfest in Germany or a tribal funeral in the backwaters of Indonesia, we want to hear about it. We like a little history about the event you’re covering although we’re fairly flexible. We appreciate all styles of quality writing.

We’re after timeless articles. This can be simple for something like La Tomatina – an event which tends to remain the same year in, year out but more difficult for music festivals whose lineups change annually. So here’s a music festival example we prepared a little earlier.

If you went to Coachella in 2008, we don’t want a breakdown of who played what on which stage, we’d rather more about the vibe of the place, the setup and the layout, the genre of music played and the history of the event rather than lineups and playlists. Basically we want something that will act as a guide to a music festival whilst capturing it’s essence.

We want your article be as close as can be to relevant five years down the track as it is today. Don’t be put off if we already have an article that covers a festival you’d like to write about, we love getting different perspectives of the same event.

Our articles are usually between 500 and 1,000 words in length, although we do make exceptions. We love to receive accompanying photos but your words is what 2camels is all about.

From January 1st 2009, 2camels has become a paying writers market! Okay, you won’t get rich writing for 2camels but we want to reward each of our contributors and acknowledge the hard work that goes into producing a quality festival article. For each article you submit that we publish, we’ll pay you USD 20. Payment is made with 48 hours of publication via Paypal.

We ask for one-time non-exclusive online rights to your work, meaning you’re free to re-publish your article(s) elsewhere. We say that but obviously we love sparkly, new pieces of work, that aren’t published elsewhere but don’t let that put you off submitting some of your old faves that are gathering cyber-dust on a hard drive somewhere.

Feel free to make multiple submissions but make them in separate emails.

2camels receives in the region of four million page views each year so if your work is published you can be assured it will be seen by a wide demographic of readers.
We’ll provide you with a bio page where you can promote yourself, your work and your websites to the world. We’ll include your photo, any text you provide and a link or two to your own site(s) or any other work you have online.

You’ll also get a writing credit on one of the web’s oldest and most respected festival websites.

Interested? Here’s the 8 steps:

  1. Type the festival name, location and date in the subject line of an email.
  2. Copy and paste your article in the body of that email (don’t attach it in any other format).
  3. Supply us with the details of other publications (online or in print) that have featured your article in the past.
  4. Attach up to 10 festival related photos to that email (preferably .jpg format, around 400 pixel in height or width).
  5. Type any related photo captions in the body of the email.
  6. Type a short bio (1-4 paragraphs) of yourself in the body of the email (include links to your sites if applicable).
  7. Attach a photograph for your bio if you so desire.
  8. Post the email to editor@2camels.com.

If we decide to publish your article we’ll get back to you as soon as we can – usually within a week. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to those whose submissions we won’t be publishing.