War Submarine Tour in Monkasel

Submarine monument (Monkasel)Last week, Brahm, Ihsan and I did photography session for this blog. Yeah, Warungfiksi.net will have a new look. I’m sorry if you recently found some error here so often. It’s a technical error, out of our reach.

Mm, let’s back to the topic. By the way, Monkasel or Monumen Kapal Selam (Surabaya Submarine Monument) is the largest submarine monument in Asia. It is placed near Kalimas River with the idea from the senior of submarine sea army. The monument is located at Pemuda Street, Surabaya. The construction was started in July 1995. It was inaugurated by Basofi Sudirman as East Java Governor at the moment.

Monkasel is a kind of KRI Pasopati 410 with SS Whiskey Class type. It’s produced in Vladi Wostok, Russia, in 1952. This submarine participated in sea army since January 29th, 1962, with a mission to crush enemy line (anti-shipping), supervise and raid. With 76.6 meters in length and 1,300 tons in weight, this submarine had a big role in defending sea territory.

After taking pictures, we entered the submarine. There was a guide who explained about the ship. We came together with two girls from Thailand. So the guide spoke in English. He showed us the rooms in submarine.

Those are torpedo direction room with four propeller torpedo (also as torpedo storage); commander room with dining and working room, also the first battery storage; the main bridge and the command center with food were stored under deck; crew room, kitchen and second battery were stored there too; diesel motor and machine terminal room; electricity machine room; and two torpedo for posterior room.

A Thailand tourist trying the submarine telescopeOh, there is submarine telescope too. The tourists and Brahm tried this, but none of them saw anything except a blurred glass. “Did you see anything?” asked the Thailandese to Brahm. And Brahm naively said no. Ha-ha, I think this submarine and its equipments are too old and don’t function well. Funny how the guide insisted that he saw a view of Kalimas River.

We then walked along the submarine path. There were pictures of the ex-commandants. Somehow, it was little bit spooky for me. But we went on until the end of the path and we got outside this monument that had been burnt in September 4th, 2011.

Here you can enjoy some facilities, such as video diorama room, a stage for live music, skate park, swimming pool for children and water recreation at Kalimas River. Even this place can be used as exhibition, launching, art show and wedding party location.

The guide told us about the video. It tells about KRI Pasopati 410 submarine when it was doing its duty. But we could not watch it. It was 11.30 a.m. and the video would begin at 13.00 p.m. If we had more time, maybe we could watch it. But my husband and I had to go to Jakarta in the afternoon. Besides, the weather was not really good that day. We were afraid of rain.

So, we ended the short visit to Monkasel after enjoying couple glasses of lemon in one of the food stalls. There are a lot variety of food and beverage there, don’t worry to get starved.

Monkasel is a humble place, in my eyes. The entering ticket is just 5,000 IDR. But you know, this place is good to be visited with your family, especially your children. They can learn a lot about submarine from here. [photos by Brahm & Ihsan]

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