Deadly Blades from Indonesia

Indonesian bladesUntil today, some tribes in Indonesia use traditional weapons as tools for hunting, self-defensing, and yes, attacking someone or something. Even more, some people who still believe in superstitious think that traditional weapons are surrounded by mystical power. Take keris for instance. Continue Reading →

Luwak Coffee, the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Luwak loves the fine coffee fruitDon’t claim yourself a coffee lover or a gourmet if you never drank luwak coffee. Yes, luwak coffee. Or kopi luwak in Indonesian. It’s not a kind of coffee made from luwak (palm civet a.k.a. Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). Just, the production process involves civets. This little mammal lives on the trees and eats the chosen coffee fruit. And it takes only a healthy civet to produce good quality coffee bean. Continue Reading →

Adorn Your Garden with These Monkeys

A line of Monkey Furs

At first glance, what did you see in picture beside? Maybe a line of monkeys. But they are not real monkeys. These are sort of plants from Sumatra which has a body texture like monkey’s fur. That’s why we call it Monkey Fur (or Bulu Monyet in Indonesian). Actually, more like orangutan to me. However, we never met these plants outside the jungle of Sumatra, one of Indonesian islands. Continue Reading →

An SOS Sign from Orangutans

One happy familyPongo pygmaeus is species that dwell in Borneo island, and Pongo abelii is species that dwell in Sumatra. They are the only surviving species in the genus Pongo. We simply call them orangutan. It was taken from the words “orang” (man) and “hutan” (forest). Physically, they really resemble human (of the forest). They are the most intelligent primates in the world, beside their African cousin chimpanzee. Continue Reading →