Revival of Queen Leyak

"Revival of Queen Leyak" Visual Novel

  • Genre: Thriller, mystery, supernatural, romance
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mode: Single-player visual novel / game on PC
  • Duration: 20 hours of gameplay (at average reading speed)
  • Language: English
  • Developer: BnK Team
  • Publisher: DEVGRU-P
  • Producers: Dhaeza, Dian Ageng
  • Director: Dhaeza
  • Writer: Brahmanto Anindito
  • Editor: Darr Kadlubowski
  • Background Artist: Antares69 (Vicky Bawangun)
  • Sprite Artists: Judo Lookingheart, Villyane (Dewi Ang)
  • Computer Graphic: Villyane (Dewi Ang)
  • Music Composer: Days of Glaze (Ricky Cahyadi)
  • Programmer: Rendy Rakean
  • Release Date: March 2017 on Steam

The story of Revival of Queen Leyak (RoQL) is set in Bali, an exotic island where technology, tradition, and supernatural all lurk under the guise of a modern paradise. You’ll be Tetsuo Kobayashi in this visual novel. You’ll stumble upon an ancient curse and must race againts time to hunt for the Queen Leyak’s Necronomicon.

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Games Made in Indonesia

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If you are a real gamer, you must be so familiar with the names like Ubisoft, Konami, EA, Capcom, Blizzard, etc. Those American and Japanese developer companies are the huge brands in the game domain. Then, Korean developers has come since 2000s, gives us even more alternatives.

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