Deadly Blades from Indonesia

Until today, some tribes in Indonesia use traditional weapons as tools for hunting, self-defensing, and yes, attacking someone or something. Even more, some people who still believe in superstitious think that traditional weapons are surrounded by mystical power. Take keris for instance.

Kebaya: a Culture, a Couture

When I was a child, I didn’t like this traditional cloth. I don’t know exactly why. I just couldn’t see the elegance of kebaya. Or maybe it’s just because I rarely saw a beautiful, sexy and modern woman wore it. You know, kebaya is made of sheer material such as silk, thin cotton or nylon, with semi-transparent appearance. So, if… More →

Kopaska: No Obstacle Cannot be Defeated

When you ask people about the name of Indonesian elite force, most likely the answer is Kopassus. That’s correct. But obviously, Kopassus is not the only special forces that Indonesia has. I bet you’ve heard about Kopaska too. If Kopassus is an Army, Korpaskhas is air force,  Kopaska or Komando Pasukan Katak (Frogmen Command) is a Navy. Precisely, it’s a… More →