Sambal Peda to Accompany Your Meal

Peda spicy sauceOne day, a fellow asked me about Indonesian culinary, precisely for the sambal (spicy sauce). I had difficulty to answer because Indonesia has many kinds of sambal. Every region has its own chili sauce. Just to mention a few of them: sambal ganja from Aceh, sambal ijo from Padang, sambal lado mudo from West Sumatra, sambal beranyut from Bengkulu, sambal kemirisambal matah from Bali, sambal gami from Bontang, sambal dabu-dabu from North Sulawesi, sambal banci from Banyumas, sambal kaluku from Makassar, sambal colo-colo and kenari from Moluccas….

There are a lot more, I swear! But I couldn’t give him anything to taste. Then suddenly, the idea came up! “Maybe you should try sambal peda. I can make it for you.” Sambal peda is a sauce variant from Java, I mean East Java or Central Java. “This sauce is a little bit oily, but it’s savory and delicious.”

“Is it hot?”

“If you want something that isn’t hot, try a candy, instead of sambal.” Hahaha, well said. However, lately, I realized that I was so wrong. Because, even candies can be spicy too in Indonesia.

My fellow looked interesting. He asked me where he can buy it. Why buying when you can making? I pretty often made sambal peda. My husband loves it. And it’s simple to serve. Just prepare: peda fish, cooking oil, vegetable oil, union, chili, salt, bay leaves (Laurus nobilis, and sugar. I’m sorry, I don’t have any dosage for those compositions.

Peda fishesClean the fishes, pull off the bones, and fry them. Chop the boneless, cooked fish in small pieces. Now the flavor. Clean, chop and mix them all. Blend them with the fishes until they’re refined. Fry in small dosage of oil, add sugar and little bit salt (the peda fish is salty, so don’t pour salt too much). Put the peda fishes inside, stir it, and you’re done!

It’s easy, right?

My friend keep on nodded while taste it along the fried tofu. “The taste is a little strange at the beginning. But overall, it’s really yummy. Plus, it’s not too hot. I love it!”

Peda sauce is delicious with any meal. The good news is, it can be kept in refrigerator. Just put it in a bottle and you can enjoy sambal peda for another few days.

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