Kenjeran is Now More Chinese

Tian Ti Pagoda in Kenjeran

Kenjeran Park or Kenpark is a beach whose water has never been crystal tidy. A Surabaya prideful tourist sites, nevertheless. Also, one of Pemuja Oksigen‘s sets. After five years since my writing research for that novel, I finally visited it again. This time with Rie and Ihsan.

So what’s new here? It’s Tian Ti (Sky World) Pagoda.

Kenjeran’s Tian Ti Pagoda

In terrace of Tian Ti Pagoda, Ihsan does some side-kick (I don't think it's kung-fu, perhaps only bad kung-fu)

Thus far, people were amazed seeing Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven), ancient pagoda in Beijing. The pagoda has become sacred buildings of cultural heritage in China. Each day, many tourists from diverse countries come to it. This was the inspiration.

Soetiadji Yudho, boss of Kenpark and Sanggar Agung, became interested to build such pagoda. The larger and taller one! His pagoda then has diameter of 60 meters and 58 meters high. Its construction is made of steel, unlike Tian Tan that is made of wood.

As I read, not everyone has permits to enter Tian Tan Pagoda. The building is a historic place very protected by China Government. Common visitors could only see it from outside. But in Tian Ti, anyone without exception may enter.

Beyond those differences, Tian Tan and Tian Ti are similar, especially for the accessories, carvings, ornaments, physical building, and color of the temple. You can also see the royal symbols of dragon and phoenix on the building’s relief.

When this pagoda has been launched in 2010, inevitably, it strengthens Chinese nuances in Kenpark.

Statues in Kenjeran

Kwan Im statue

Kenjeran by far is identical with Sanggar Agung (place above the sea for Tridharma worship), statue of Kwan Im Goddess, four faces Buddha, Kya-Kya Sea Side, and Kya-Kya 12 Shio.

4 Faces Buddha statue in Kenjeran

But don’t get wrong, Kenjeran is also sporty location. There are facilities of racing, swimming, badminton, futsal, fishing, water sports, firing range, and horse race. Kenpark was once famous for its exotic Cowboy Village. Numerous sport events at national and international level are continuously being held here.

The main concept is recreation. That’s it.

And you can visit The Sand Island by a sail. Or just cycle around the beach with your beloved by a becak. Or rent a golf car. Or if you don’t want to spend more money, you can just walking like we did.

Kya-Kya Kenjeran Surabaya

Kya-Kya Kenjeran Surabaya

However, too much walking made us hungry. So, we went into Kya-Kya Sea Side. This Kya-kya is a replacement for old Kya-kya on Kembang Jepun Street which was already closed.

There, we enjoyed the beach’s view and mangrove forest. Needless to say, it wasn’t as beautiful as mangrove forests in Wonorejo and Gunung Anyar. But it wasn’t bad at all.

We ordered kupang, shells satay, and coconut for beverage. We then chit chatted about everything, including our clients’ projects. Kya-kya is always conducive for discussion. The open air. The sea. The thousand of Chinese lampions. What an ambiance.

And here come the foods. Bon appétit, all!

  • Photos by Brahmanto Anindito & Ihsan Maulana

13 thoughts on “Kenjeran is Now More Chinese”

  1. Naaa, begini nih, jadi kayak majalah travel international! BTW, Ini dalam rangka memperingati imlek, ya?? kalau gitu, biar telat….

    Gong Xi Fat Chai!!

  2. wahhh..ini kenjeran mas…??
    kok seperti bukan di kenjeran ya.. heheh

    banyak perubahan dsana…
    saya tau nya dulu kenjeran cuma di pake balapan sama “bisnis jasa” hehehehe

    salam kenal mas…
    g sengaja lg muter2 di dunia maya nemu blog anda..

    Recommended ^_^

  3. @Cherie: Iya. Blitz-nya nggak nyala, kayaknya.

    @Duryat: Kenjeran emang banyak perubahan dalam beberapa tahun ini, Mas. Aku yang orang sini aja juga terheran-heran, kok. Tapi emang aku jarang main ke Kenjeran, sih, hehehe.

  4. Tempat wisata yang murah meriah di Surabaya, hanya membayar karcis masuk 10rb-15rb, banyak hal yg bisa dilihat disini. Ada Patung Klenteng Sanggar Agung, Patung Buddha 4 Wajah, Pagoda dan lain-lain. Wajib masuk bucket list jika sedang travelling ke Surabaya


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