Astro is not just about Strawberries

Few months ago, my husband, Kiara and I went home to Bandung. We only passed six days there, but we managed to visit some interesting places. No, we did not travel around Bandung anymore. We went south, to Garut. One of our agendas was attending a family gathering held in Nasi Liwet Asep Stroberi Restaurant. People simply called it Astro,… More →

Hallo Surabaya, A Cozy Resto to Mingle

You can find a lot of unique restaurants in Surabaya. But the one that’s huge enough, as far as I know, is Hallo Surabaya. It stands on an area of 2.5 ha in Jalan Bubutan 95. The building has European-style. Of course, it’s actually a heritage building. Hallo Surabaya is the front part of Mardi Santoso Hospital that established since… More →