Breastfeeding during Travel

A cover for breastfeedingIn few weeks, I am going to travel to Semarang in order to research for my new story. I will also bring my wife and daughter, a one year-old creature. Maybe my wife would be inspired to write her own book. Maybe. She said, it depends on what she will see and feel in Semarang.

However, this is not all about the book. It’s a familial vacation, after all. A budget traveling, to be more precise. Going traveling without luxury is always a challenge. For us, it’s good to test the physical and mental defense of Kiara, our sweetheart.

Previously, we traveled in three to Bandung and Garut. We stayed in the houses of my wife’s family. This time, the destination is nearer. But it’s just us. No back up. No hands to help. We don’t know anyone in Semarang. So, beside a test case for Kiara, it’s a tryout for the parent as well. Are we able to handle a trip with an infant all by ourselves?

In Surabaya, we are developing our physical condition before the departure. Every two days, we take a walk around 3-5 kilometers, while carrying Kiara and a backpack of her equipment by turns. She’s about 10 kilos baby, enough to make your shoulders burn after 15 minutes. But, that’s the least problem we worry.

What matters, we think, is to breastfeed on the street. Kiara does still depend on her mother’s milk. My wife used to breastfeed in our closed bedroom, with a breastfeeding pillow. This pillow almost always make the mother-daughter comfortable. It also reduces the pain at neck and back when breastfeeding.

A breast pump, get this in your travel bagThe problem is, of course, while we are in travel. We will spend a lot of time in public places, which I’m sure mostly doesn’t have any nursing room. In such situation, an avent breast pump would be a good idea. We plan to pump the breast milk at home (before departure), toilet, hotel room, or wherever possible. Then, we give the milk to the baby whenever she wants.

In case the pumping doesn’t work or the milk is spoiled, we prepare a nursing clothes as well. Hence, my wife will comfortably breastfeed anywhere, anytime. In Indonesia, I sometimes see women breastfed in a public transportation, in a traditional market, even in a school. They did that without any cover. They didn’t seem to be awkward. On the contrary, I did! 😀

I don’t want my wife to openly breastfeed like that. We prefer to wear some motherly clothes: tops, tanks, covers, or any particular clothes like special sling and maternity swimwear if necessary.

Problem solved.

Oh, actually, there is another big problem: the food. Especially for Kiara. We can’t guarantee she likes the food we buy on the go. Even if she swallows it, we consider about the healthy issue. We figure out this problem later. Some snacks and instant porridge for baby might be good.

Hopefully, we can pass this journey and all the difficulties we’ll face. So, we can level up to travel further with higher challenge. Maybe through a ship and a plane next time, not merely a land trip. At that moment, perhaps the big problem wouldn’t be breastfeeding anymore, since Kiara has grown up. OK, we’ll see it later. For now, let’s prepare to enjoy and grab some stories from Semarang.

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