Mari Bicara tentang Intelijen

When you write a thriller, creating an intelligence-typical person is quiet unavoidable. The thriller protagonist is able to predict potential felony. So is the intelligence in real world. Intelligence is the product of evaluated information, valued for its currency and relevance, rather than its detail or accuracy. The term “intelligence” refers also to information gatherer, whether is human (agent) or… More →

The Singer that Alerts Mentawai to Any Disaster

This primate exclusively lives on Mentawai, the islands with 16,000 inhabitants, West Sumatra Province. Bilou or Mentawai Gibbon (Hylobates klossii) is from Hylobatidae (gibbon) family. It is similar to siamang with the same black fur, but is considerably smaller and lacks the siamang’s typical throat pouch. Bilou reaches 44 to 63 cm in length and about 6 kg in weight.

Joking is Easy

By Brahmanto Anindito No, no, no. I am just joking. Making someone laugh is not easy, indeed. Ask anyone. Basuki, an Indonesian comedian once said, joking is a serious business. I always believe that. Most people love to be amused, to laugh or smile at something funny. Only very few individuals refuse humor. That is why authors always put certain… More →